Monday, 21 July 2008


At today's Tenants forum we will be asking what the 3 priorities should be for the Community Policing team as there is very little input from the residents of this part of Windmill Hill.

Priorities established on 14th July 2008

1. Anti-social behaviour at Victoria Park.
2. Cotswold Road - Drug dealing/Anti-social behaviour/Vehicle crime (to include the burial ground and the telephone kiosk, Windmill Hill).
3. Oxford Street / New Walls - Drugs / Anti-social behaviour.
If anyone wishes for priorities to be put forward we will be publishing details of the Police and Communities Together (PACT) meetings on this blog.

The priority the Tenants of Polden House wish to put forward to the next PACT meeting is that the throwing of items from windows and balconies from the tower blocks on Windmill Hill should be addressed as it is only a matter of time before a passer by is injured as some large items are being thrown.
Also at the meeting:
We discussed the need to address facilities for children living and visiting Polden. There is a fenced off area between the Rising Sun Pub and the tower block that would be perfect for a dedicated family area. At present dogs are being exercised, which puts some parents off using it with small children due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. We will be writing emails to the grounds maintenance team and asking if turning the area into a family garden could be considered as a project, perhaps including a built in barbecue area. It was also agreed we would ask the pub Landlord if we could have a mural on the wall.
Another idea discussed was that representatives of the Tenants Forum would make an effort to welcome new Tenants to the block and encourage them to join the Forum.
It was also mentioned that the trees should be kept safe on the site as they hang over onto the pavement. We were informed some time ago that the trees had self seeded - this on further investigation seems not to be the case as the Residents were approached by post and asked if the trees should be planted or not, it was decided to plant them. We are going to ask if they are on the grounds maintenance spec for the site.
It was also decided that a newsletter should continue, and we should include features for children as well as for the adults, so we will edit accordingly. This will be a monthly project and any Tenant can contribute. Just write your article and post it through the letterbox of flat 1.

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CABOT said...

Excellent service! The morning after the Tenants Forum, a letter was hand delivered to all Tenants pointing out enforcement action would be taken by anyone caught throwing items from balconies / windows. It also pointed out about incidents of chutes being blocked by bulky items and building materials, which will incur the same action being taken against a tenancy.
Thanks to the SHA who was really on the ball.
Tenant groups really work - and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy ours.