Saturday, 23 August 2008

Estate Walk

Yesterday, Tenant Representatives from Polden and Holroyd met with David Wan from Estate Management and did an estate walk over both blocks, viewing some serious health and safety issues and outstanding issues, yet to be resolved, some have been ongoing for a number of years.
David Wan was positive about change, and promises the Windmill Hill Tenants, some things will start to be resolved straight away.
If any Tenant wishes to raise issues about the communal areas of the blocks or about the grounds, these concerns can be passed through CABOT, so knock on the meeting room door or push a letter through, if you can't make a Tenants meeting.
We meet every week on Monday afternoon at 2pm (not bank holidays) and have a meeting in the evening (alternating between both blocks at 6:30 pm on Thursday's. All the issues raised at Holroyd have been passed on to Estate Management. There will be a follow up article in the newsletter, due to be published in the next week or so.
David is also supporting us in our bid to have the little fenced off area between Polden and the pub turned into a family garden.

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